PPR All Plastic Union, Pn25


Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 20mm-160mm

  • Structure: Vertical

  • Material: PP-R

  • Farbe: Grün, Weiß, Grau

  • Transportverpackung: Karton

  • Origin: China

  • Connection: Welding

  • Flexibel oder starr: starr

  • Standard: Standard

  • Trademark: Fametop

  • Specification: 20mm-160mm

  • HS-Code: 39174000

Product Description

PPR-Anschluss für heißes und kaltes Wasser
Material: Hyosung R200p,Yanshan C4220

For more than 30 years, Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-R) has been applied successfully
for hot and cold water applications in countries worldwide. The combination of properties such
as resistance to internal pressure, flexibility and impact have made PP-R the material of choice for
a safe and reliable long-lasting installations. No wonder that PP-R has been continuously replacing
traditional materials like copper and galvanized steel over the last decades.

Benefits of PP-R:
? Service life according to tests performed under ISO 15874
? Keine Kontaktkorrosion bei Kontakt mit Eisenpartikeln
? Geschmack und Geruch neutral
? Bacteriologically neutral
? Schnelle und einfache Installation
? Komplette Kunststoffsysteme verfügbar
? Good chemical resistance
? Low tendency to incrustation

Instructions for Welding PP-R Pipes & Fittings 

1 Mark the pipe
Mark the pipe for depth of penetration into the heater bush and fitting (see table). The mark must remain visible under heating and joining. 

2 Heat pipe & fitting
Schieben Sie das Rohr und die Armatur in die Heizwerkzeuge. Wenn das Rohr und die Armatur heiß sind (nach der richtigen Zeit), ziehen Sie das Rohr und die Armatur sehr langsam heraus.

3 Joint pipe & fitting
Joint the pipe & the fitting and push the pipe until it reaches the mark (that has to stay outside).
During the jointing time the welded part of pipe and fitting must remain fix, without any rotation.
During the cooling time, the welded part of pipe and fitting can be adjusted until cold. 

4 Fusion inspection
Fusionsprüfung Die äußere Schweißnaht muss geprüft werden. Die Naht muss rund um das Rohr vorhanden sein.