HDPE Pipe for Water and Gas


Basic Info.


Model NO.:25-1100


Material: PE


Hardness:Hard Tube


Typ: Thermoplastisches Rohr








Usage:Water Supply Pipe


PE-Rt, PE, Material: Pex-Al-Pex




Transportverpackung: Taschen






HS Code:39172100




HDPE ist gegenüber vielen verschiedenen Lösungsmitteln beständig und kann vielfältig eingesetzt werden.

We offer a comprehensive range of HDPE Pipes that are manufactured under advanced technological conditions using superior quality materials in compliance with set industrial norms. These pipes are widely appreciated for toughness, durability, easy installation and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. The pipes are extremely easy to install due to the light weight and can also be joined very easily to any length at site.


These are broadly used in various kinds piping solutions in municipal, industrial, marine, mining, landfill, duct and agricultural applications. For their unmatched quality and durability these can also be used above ground surface, buried, slip lined, floating, and sub-surface marine applications.


Specifications & Features:


  • Kann problemlos Trinkwasser, Abwasser, Schlämme, Chemikalien, gefährliche Abfälle und komprimierte Gase transportieren

  • Can be used in the gas, oil, mining and other industries

  • Have the lowest repair frequency per kilometer per year

  • Known for their features such as strong, extremely tough and durable

  • Provides trouble-free installation

  • Flexibel, chemikalienbeständig


Mechanical Properties


  • Long Term Resistance to Internal Pressure

  • High Tensile Properties

  • Gute Biegeeigenschaften

  • Hohe Schlagfestigkeit

  • Excellent Flow Characteristics

  • Light Weight & Flexibility



Thermal Properties


  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • High Thermal Stability


Chemische Eigenschaften


  • High Resistance to Chemical Attack

  • Hohe umgebungsbedingte Spannungsrissbildung

Andere Eigenschaften


  • Hohe Abriebfestigkeit

  • Low Coefficient of Friction

  • Resistant to Animal Life

  • Schwer entflammbar

  • Physiological Harmless

  • High Weather ability