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Garantiert saubere, glatte, ölfreie PPR-Rohre


Netcom tube production of PPR pipe favored by the market, all the use of high-quality Yanshan raw materials in the market has made wide acclaim, is the best choice for PPR Pipes agents. Choose a good PPR Pipes is very important, but do hot melt is more important, good water pipe in the hot melt control when the temperature is not good, the impact on the water pipe is relatively large, so easy to cause water leakage problems. The following Netcom pipe industry to give you about the hot melt to pay attention to some of the problems.

PPR pipe welding when the normal welding temperature in the 260-290 ℃ range, in this temperature when the welding quality welding will be a better guarantee, if the normal welding parameters, welding, the product can easily enter the welding die, And the fusion stacking tumor is close to the liquid that the product is not authentic PPR raw material production, while welding stacking tumor if it is able to quickly cool hard (usually 10 seconds) can also explain the product is not authentic PPR raw material production, which Is due to the characteristics of PPR is better insulation effect,PPR Pipes the cooling rate will naturally be slower.

For PPR pipe installation, we can not be so professional, but understand the most basic welding steps can help us better check whether the installation of water pipes in line with the norms, so that the safe use of water pipes can be guaranteed.

1, the surface of the pipe and joints to ensure clean, smooth, no oil.

2, need to mark in the pipeline to try to insert. (Equal to the fitting depth of the joint).

3, die gesamte zur Durchführung der Erwärmung eingebettete Tiefe, einschließlich Rohre und Verbindungen, werden PPR-Rohre im Schweißwerkzeug ausgeführt.

4, um die Erwärmungszeit abzuschließen, die Rohrleitung glatt und gleichmäßig in die Fugen geschoben, so dass ihre Kombination solide und perfekt ist.

5, beim Schweißen der Rohrverbindung innerhalb weniger Sekunden können Sie die Verbinderposition einstellen.

6, in a short period of time, the connector can be with the load.

7, with a self-adjusting hot-melt welding machine to pipe and pipe welded together, the temperature is 260 ° C.

8, die Maschine an die Stromversorgung (220V) angeschlossen und warten einen Moment, wenn das grüne Licht blinkt, das die Schweißtemperatur erreicht hat, zu arbeiten begann.

9, because the material is light, flexible, all welding can be carried out on the table, this advantage can save man-hours.

10, sometimes in the wall to make some connections, we should pay attention to the joint location in the operating space, you can operate. If the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C, the heating time is increased by 50%.