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Pex-Al-Pex Multilayer Composite Hot Water Pipes12/16/18/20/25/32mm


Product Detail

  • Compound Material:Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe

  • Material:PEX-Al-PEX

  • Installation und Anschluss: Hot Melt Type Installation

  • Technology of Plastic Composite Pipe:Internal and External Coating

  • Base Pipe of Plastic Composite Pipe:Butt-Welded and Overlapping-Welded

  • Internal Coating Materials of Plastic Composite Pipe:Butt-Welded and Overlapping-Welded

  • Kunststoff-Verbundrohrbeschichtungsform: Innen- und Außenbeschichtung

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Model:GS-—X-SP-T-EP

  • Stahlskelett-PE-Rohrgebrauch: Municipal

  • Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe Use:Water Heater Tube

  • Stahl-Kunststoff-Verbundrohrmodell: GS-X-SP-T-EP

  • Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe Material:High Density Polyethylene Aluminum Composite Pipe

  • Trademark:SUNPLAST

  • Transport Package:Polybag

  • Spezifikation: 12mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 25mm 32mm

  • Origin:China

Product Description

Application Range of PEX-AL-PEX Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe:
1. Hot water and cold water pipe for production and domestic use;
2. Heating pipe, pipes used for heating installation on floor and wall, snow-melting devices for buildings in northern, park, airport, and so on;
3. Rohr für Solarenergie-Warmwasserbereiter;
4. Kohlegas und Erdgasleitung;
5. Drinking water within a certain district, pipe used for reclaimed water project;
6. Piped used for central air conditioner, fan coil;
7. Industrial pipes used for oil transportation and cooling fluid;
8. Pipes used for sleeve of wire or cable;
9. Rohr / Schlauch für den Sauerstoffeintrag im Krankenhaus;
10. Pipes used for irrigation project in agriculture or garden;
11. Rohre zum Absaugen von Gas unter Vakuumbedingungen;
12. Tubes used in beverage factory for edible fluid transportation.

Standard: GB/T28001 
Type: Butt Weld or Overlap 
OEM service verfügbar
Hauptmarkt: Europa Land

Detail Information:

Product PEX AL PEX-Rohr
Type Overlap Weld
Material Middle Layer ---- Aluminum Strip
Out layer --- Crosslinked Polyethylene
Inner laser ---- Crosslinked Polyethylene
Between Layers --- Welding Adhesives
Available Colors White, Orange, Yellow, or OEM Color
Branding OEM (Ihr Logo oder Ihre Firma kann auf die Rohre gedruckt werden)
Pressure 1.25 MPA
MOQ 100 Rolls
Proben Free samples are available, please pay for the postage.
Payment Terms 30% T/T deposit, 70% Balanced against BL copy.
Hauptmarkt Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Spain, CZ, Germany, Israel, Dubai, etc
Quantity Warranty zwei Jahre
Lebensdauer   50 Years
Characteristic Connection----brass socket, brass elbow, brass tee and brass cross
High temperature can be up to 95 degree and high pressure can be up to 3.5Mpa.
UV protect, It can be installed above or under ground.
Convenient to be transport, It can be packed in roll, greatly save the space on the container.
Flexible, It can be bended to any angle, easy to correct the direction and fittings saving.
Good electrical insulation, Water quality unaffected
Not affect the water quality and change the composition of water quality
No fade, no aging, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, durable 
Sicher und gesund, umweltfreundlich, unschädlich für den Körper und leicht zu reinigen.
Verwendungszweck Cold and hot water systems of residence and commercial building
Transportation of industrial water supply and chemical material 
Reines Wasserleitungssystem und Brauchwasser.
Pipe networks and rainwater utilization systems.
Transportsystem der Trinkwassergewinnung

Technique Data: 

Description AL Strip Thick (mm) Size (mm) Weight (KG/roll) Package (meter/roll)
PEX AL PEX-Rohr 0,21 16*2.0 9.5 100
0,21 18*2.0 10,0 100
0.23 20 * 2,0 12,0 100
0,25 26*3.0 22.4 100
0.28 32*3.0 14.0 50