Dredging HDPE Pipe for Dredging Project


Basic Info

  • Material: PE

  • Art: Extrusionsformen

  • Marke: SUNPLAST

  • Working Pressure:0.4MPa-1.6MPa

  • Spezifikation: ISO9001: 2008

  • Herkunft: Provinz Shandong, China

  • HS Code:39172100


Plastic Pipe for dredger

1. Einzelteil: Schlammpipeline
Color: Black
Material: PE100
Größen: 110 bis 1400 mm oder als Anfragen
PN: 0.6MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa or others

2. Appliances: 

1) Transport sand\mud\slurry for dredger in dredging projects or sand suction projects and
Auch für Meerwasseraufbereitungsprojekte.
2) Transport mine tailings and slurry, metallurgical mines in the mining industry. 
3) Transport pulverized coal and coalwater slurry of coal preparation plant in the coal industry. 
4) Schlamm und ätzende Medien mit Schlacke in der chemischen Industrie transportieren.
5) Transport powder and coal ash in thermal power plant

3. Eigenschaften:

1) Chemical stability. Polyethylene does not erode to acid, alkali and salt. In addition micro-organism like bacteria or seaweed cannot grow in Polyethylene material. 
2) Hygiene. Optimal conditions as pipes for providing portable water are met not only in that purity of contents can be maintained but also the taste of water does not change. 
3) Fluidity. PE pipes smooth inner walls prevent blocking of pipes and minimize loss of water. 
4) Flexibility. PE pipe is convenient to install because curved fittings don not have to be used at bent position and flexibility is maintained at low temperature. 
5) Light weight. PE pipes can be easily handled and installed because the weight of PE pipes is just 1/7 of steel pipes. 
6) Perfekte Verbindung. Eine schnelle und einwandfreie Verlegung von Rohren ist möglich, da bei PE-Rohren eine Heißschmelzverbindung verwendet wird.
7) Nichtkorrosivität. PE-Rohre korrodieren nicht durch Chemikalien, Elektrizität, feuchten Boden und Salz.
8) Impact endurance. The pipes don not break by outer impact due to the characteristic of the material. 
9) Cold endurance. The pipes do not break up to -70 degree. 
10)Long life. The pipes can be used for at least 50 years.