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CSA Upc Pex Pipe


Product Detail


  • Modell Nr.:18

  • Compound Material:Plastic Composite Pipe

  • Material:PPR-Al-PPR

  • Installation und Anschluss: Pex-Fitting

  • Technology of Plastic Composite Pipe:Internal and External Coating

  • Grundrohr aus Kunststoff-Verbundrohr: Drücken

  • Internal Coating Materials of Plastic Composite Pipe:Polyethylene Coating Steel Pipe

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Coating Form:Inner and Outside Coating

  • Kunststoff-Verbundrohrmodell: GS-X-SP-T-EP

  • Steel Skeleton PE Pipe Use:Municipal

  • Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe Use:Water Heater Tube

  • Stahl-Kunststoff-Verbundrohrmodell: GS-X-SP-T-EP

  • Aluminium-Kunststoff-Verbundrohrmaterial: Vernetztes Polyethylen-Aluminium-Verbundrohr


EVOH layer can effectively prevent oxygen from entering piping system, pretocting pipe parts in system for rapid corrosion, suppressing bacterium and algae virology growth in the pipe and ensuring water quality freshly and cleanly

DIN4726 Test

Provide condition
Luftfeuchtigkeit im Weltraum - 65% Innenraum - 100%
Pipe size OD20mm
Mittlere Dicke der EVOH-Schicht 188 μm

DIN standard

Pipe Testing result
0.003g/  m3 /day