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Basic Info

  • Material:PE


Electro fusion Fittings features: 
1. Eingangsspannung: 39,5 V
2. Raw Materials: PE80 / PE100
3. SDR Rating: SDR11 / SDR13.6 / SDR17 etc. 
4. Abmessungen (mm): 20-355

Geeignet für sowohl Gas- als auch Wasserpolyethylen
Thick center wall and wide fusion zones
State of the art CNC resistance wire laying machine
Einhaltung der ISO-Norm, BS EN 1555-3: 2002 BS EN 12201-3: 2003
Standard connection pin diameter: 4.0mm
Easy assembly
Light weight and flexible
Safe, leak proof and easy jointing by fusion welding
Jede Armatur wird mit einem Barcode zur einfachen Installation geliefert
Universal user friendly as can be used with any commercially available welding machine with a bar code scanner. 

We carry socket fusion polyethylene fittings of all sizes that will suit all your needs. Below is a list of the various types of fittings that we carry: 

45 Degree Elbows
90 Degree Elbows
End Caps
Flange Adaptors
Kopplung reduzieren
Reduzieren der Buchse
Winkel um 90 Grad reduzieren
Tee Reducing
180 Degree U-Bend
Shipping Caps
Steckeradapter reinigen
45 Degree Wye
Female Adaptor
Male Adaptor
And many more