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PE-Al-PE Multilayer Pipe



  • Model NO.: pe-al-pe water pipe

  • Material: PE-Al-PE

  • Technology of Plastic Composite Pipe: Internal and External Coating

  • Size: 16,20,25,32,40,50,63

  • Specification: 16, 20, 25, 32mm

  • HS Code: 74122090

  • Compound Material: Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe

  • Installation and Connection: Clamping Type Installation

  • Aluminium-Kunststoff-Verbundrohrmaterial: Vernetztes Polyethylen-Aluminium-Verbundrohr

  • Trademark: SUNPLAST/OEM

  • Origin: China

Product Description

1. Für Wasser (kaltes heißes) / Gasleitungssystem, bestehend aus 5 Schichten:-Externer Kunststoff / externer Kleber / Aluminium / innerer Kleber / interner Kunststoff2. Certificates we have:AENOR, SKZ, ACS, WASSERZEICHEN, WRAS3. Material: CONSTAB PEX

4. QC:Dazu gehören Materialprüfung und -prüfung, Stichprobenprüfung in Fertigungsstraßen sowie alle Prüfungen, die die einzelnen Standards in unseren Laborräumen an den Endprodukten durchführen5. Overlapped/buttwelding
-Spec. (mm)

6. Lead time: 15-30days

7. Main makets:Europa, Südafrika, Mecico, Asien, Australien8. Applications:
-Cool & Hot Water Pipe System
-Housing Gas Pipe System
-Under floor heating System
-Solar Energy & Air-conditioning Matching Pipe System
-Medical, Foodstuff & Chemical Industry Pipe System

9. Charaktere Vorteile:
-Wide range working temperature(-10C~95C), Hi-pressure resistance
-30% more flow than metal pipe
-50 year working life
-Non-corrosive, scale-free
-Hygiene, no oxygen permeability, no growth of Microorganism
-Non-inflammable, non-static
-Easy bending but never spring back
-Light in weight, easy to carry and store
-Few pipe fitting applying leading to little leakage
-Economical price.

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